100 Rescues

Nine years ago I met my best friend, a 65-pound hound mix named Atticus, at a pet adoption hosted by Mobile SPCA. (He’s sitting right beside me as I type this.) I want to thank our SPCA for the important work they do, on behalf of the thousands of dogs and cats who have found homes since Atticus came to me. So I created 100 Rescues.

I will draw and paint 100 dogs and cats, posting each as it is completed on this website and also on the Instagram @100rescues. Any of the artwork is available for a $25 donation to the Mobile SPCA, through their website. Shipping is free in the US.

Flounder D

Flounder: 8×10 charcoal on acid-free stock

Skipper D

Skipper:  8X10 charcoal on acid-free stock

Kitty C

Ben:  8×10 Ink and Watercolor on handmade paper

Lily C


…And this little fellow is coming soon:

Pup D