Remember my earlier post about using the truck as a giant food dehydrator to make sundried tomatoes? Well, one thing led to another and now Felder Rushing, the host of public radio’s The Gestalt Gardener, is going to talk about it during his radio program Friday morning. Listeners in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana will be able to hear the broadcast in real time at 9am. Everybody else can help themselves to the free podcast, downloadable at Podcast Alley or on itunes. Rising to the occasion, my mate The Perfect Man prepared a jar of our tasty dried romas (dehydrated in the truck, then dipped in red wine and steeped in olive oil with bruised garlic cloves and snippets of fresh thyme) and mailed it to Felder. Fun!

And while we’re entertaining ourselves… have you ever wondered how your own artwork (or that favorite snapshot of your toddler/dog/garden/latest vacation) would look on display in the Louvre? Well, wonder no more. At Museumr, you can instantly see your image file framed on the walls of the world’s famous art museums.  Here’s mine: