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Back in my newspaper days, I had the occasional task of creating editorial cartoons. Once in a while, though I try to resist the impulse, I just can’t help poking a little fun at a public figure or two. It happened again this weekend… I went to bed Friday night with the rhetoric of the presidential debate rattling around in my head, and awoke from a sound sleep at 2am with a sudden revelation. I crawled out of bed, picked up a Sharpie, and…

But, wait. This is not a political blog (except to the extent that organic gardening, art and sustainability occasionally cross over into that category).  So, here’s what I’ll do: this little cartooning tale is continued at one of my very favorite blogs, written in one of my very favorite cities. If you’re in the mood for some political silliness, here’s the link for New Orleans blog Casa de Charlotte della luna.