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I need your trash. To be more specific, I need some of your trash, for a very good cause, if you live within a reasonable proximity to Mobile, Alabama.

Bright and early on Jan. 6, Iwill load up my trusty etching press for the first of 19 school visits. As part of a wonderful outreach program sponsored by the Mobile Centre for the Living Arts, I’ll work with 900 third-through-fifth-grade students as they create collograph plates, ink them and pull their own original prints on the press.  Young artists learn about printmaking history, explore textures and form… and have lots of inky fun.

The wacky cousin of the block printing family, a collograph can be made by inking and printing practically anything that can be safely glued to a plate and cranked through the press. These things can be cut, torn, and arranged in interesting ways to create unique designs. For our purposes, that means we will need a large pile — a small mountain, really — of the following things:

  • feathers
  • textured ribbon scraps, from gift wrap or sewing
  • lace
  • bits of burlap, felt, corduroy or upholstery fabric
  • pieces of woven straw hats, straw purses or woven placemats
  • textured mat board
  • sandpaper
  • paper doilies or other paper cut-outs
  • coins or Mardi Gras doubloons

So, if you live anywhere in the Mobile-to-Pensacola area, and you have household trash that aspires to avoid languishing in the landfill by becoming art materials instead… please email me.  Thanks!