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Out in the winter garden, it’s cold and rainy. But on my drawing table, it’s the middle of June and the homegrown tomatoes are ready for picking. I’m halfway through with the new children’s seed package design for a group of young organic farmers out in Sonoma County, California. The open-pollinated heirloom seeds inside the finished package will find their way into the hands of schoolchildren and neighborhood community gardeners.  I love being part of this process.

Design work also provides a welcome opportunity to listen to podcasts while I draw and paint. Last week I discovered City Farmer Stories, broadcast from Vancouver. And yesterday, tucked into the newest issue of Organic Gardening between an article on tracking chipmunks and another about peace trees in Hiroshima, was info on three more audio opportunities:

Heritage Radio Network features a smorgasbord of different programs hosted by chefs, farmers, artists and even — according to OG — the occasional artisanal cheesemaker.

An Organic Conversation on Green 960 AM in San Francisco, focuses on health and sustainability.

The Food Chain covers food policy with journalist and urban farmer, Michael Olson.

Happy listening, everyone. And keep warm!