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Did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were a child? I did. Actually, I still do. Mine was a tall, slim stuffed cat who now sits on the corner of my drawing table. He’s nearly 50 and all his fur was rubbed off long ago. He has one serene green glass eye left, and he leans to one side. But he’s been a faithful friend since I was four years old — and came out of retirement to befriend my daughters when they were small — so that makes him absolutely beautiful to me.

Just in time for Christmas, I’m giving away a wonderful stuffed kitty by Sweet Paisley Studio. Handmade with cleverly upcycled fabrics and block-printed features, this cutie will delight the cat lover on your holiday gift list. (I particularly like those long, stripey legs.)

Leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing — be sure your comment links back to your blog or email so that I can notify you if you win. Selection will be made this Saturday, Dec. 17 by www.random.org. Good luck!