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I love to draw mice. This little fellow, created with just two Derwent watercolor pencils, was the demo for my Thursday night art class. The pencil colors were Raw Sienna and Chocolate (burnt umber). I sketched him with Raw Sienna, shaded his darker areas and eyes with Chocolate, then loaded up a #10 round brush with clean water and went over him to create a wash. To finish him up, I came back with Chocolate and added whiskers, ear and paw details. Squeak!

Not too long ago, a commissioned colored pencil piece gave me the opportunity to indulge in some exuberant bird-and-mouse fun. The finished artwork was a gift for a little girl, so I wove a pale pink ribbon through the dancing critters:

Meanwhile, I’m working on materials for an upcoming herb-painting workshop. Lavender, mint, oregano, chives, rosemary… now I just need to choose one final herb to occupy the empty space near the top of the watercolor. Suggestions?