Draw Paint Letter: the Artist-Naturalist’s Year

Learn through the seasons. Keep the videos forever.

How does it work?

Val Webb’s art tutorials, tips and techniques will be delivered to your email inbox on beautifully illustrated printable pages, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Fridays, you’ll also receive a link to a full-length video lesson. All video content will remain permanently online, available for you to practice and review whenever you like.

Draw Paint Letter will start on March 21, 2016 and will run for at least one full year. Students may join the class at any time during the year and will have lifetime access to all material sent out, from their personal start date going forward. The cost is $30/month and is billed monthly through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make the payment using a credit or debit card.

Payment by check will be accepted for a minimum of 2 months of lessons ($60) at a time, and at the end of that period, a courtesy invoice for the next two months will be sent. To find out where to mail a check, email Val at studio@valwebb.com.

To stop receiving tutorials and video lessons, simply email Val and your enrollment will end at the close of your current 30-day period.


What subjects will we draw and paint?

Val is best-known for drawing the garden and the natural world, and much of our focus will be in those places. Drawing (pencil, charcoal, pen-and-ink, colored pencil) and painting (watercolor) subjects will include seasonal changes in animals wild and domestic, birds of all kinds including shorebirds and birds of prey, butterflies and moths, marine life, frog and turtles, botanical drawing techniques, wildflowers, heirloom vegetable varieties, tropical flowers and ferns, historic and medicinal plants, herbs, trees, the cottage garden setting, natural landscapes (forest, coastal, mountain and desert), creeks and rivers, open water, skies, and much more. Our subjects will reflect the changing seasons and, because the course is so open-ended, ideas and suggestions from students are also very welcome and can be easily incorporated into the weekly mix.

Many of our projects will combine drawing, painting and lettering in the tradition of classic illustration, beautiful nature journals and field sketches. Others will be stand-alone “outside the box” techniques. These are NEW videos and printables, made specifically for this course, and not recycled material from Val’s other online classes.


What drawing techniques will be covered?

Drawing techniques covered will include traditional pen-and-ink, “splash and splatter” techniques for dramatic effects, ink-and-wash and ink-and-brush, realistic pencil drawing, field drawing and sketching from life, charcoal drawing, making and using toned paper, colored pencil drawing and color blending.


…And what about painting and lettering techniques?

Painting lessons will explore traditional watercolor, “fast and loose” floral watercolor, pen-and-ink with watercolor, watercolor with colored pencil, drybrush, reverse painting in watercolor, ink resist painting, and more. Lettering projects will feature a wide range of hand-lettering styles in pencil, ink and watercolor, plus page design and “fancy field notes.”


Who can take this class? Do I need to be able to draw?

Draw Paint Letter is open to all. Class material is appropriate for anyone, at any level of art experience. No previous art experience is required, and Val teaches in a spirit of warmth and gentle encouragement. Our students range from “never tried to draw before in my life” to seasoned professionals polishing their skills in a specific subject area. Don’t let a lack of drawing experience keep you away!


To sign up, ask a question or just say howdy, email studio@valwebb.com