I’m excited to announce that 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center is sponsoring this workshop, resulting in a new date and a reduced cost:

Majestic Moth Layered Watercolor and Graphite
Saturday, June 3 from 9am to 4pm
5 Rivers Delta Resouce Center,  Spanish Fort AL

Most supplies included                $85

polyphemus moth

Polyphemus moth and white oak in watercolor + graphite

No experience necessary! Use traditional scientific illustration techniques to create soft, subtle textures and rich detail by layering graphite over a watercolor foundation. Our subject will be the Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) which is strikingly beautiful and much larger than a butterfly.  Step by step instruction and illustrated handouts to take home.

Provided for you:

  • archival watercolor paper, and a supply of sketch paper
  • graphite pencils of different densities and a sharpener
  • a kneaded eraser
  • watercolors and a palette, other tools and supplies
  • coffee, bottled water and morning snacks


  • A sack lunch
  • Two watercolor brushes, a #4 round and a #10 round.  Inexpensive brushes are fine. DO NOT buy store brand brushes from Michaels (Artist’s Loft) or Hobby Lobby (Master’s Touch), which are very poor quality. I use a synthetic golden nylon bristle from dickblick.com called Loew-Cornell American Painter, which cost $3.50 and $4.08 for the two sizes. Of course, if you already have watercolor brushes you like in these sizes, plan to use them for the workshop.

Workshop size limited to a small group and is expected to fill up quickly. Pre-registration is required to hold your spot. Email Val at studio@valwebb.com to sign up.