Pea tutorial

Pea vines are beautiful, which makes them an ideal drawing subject. And they send out wonderful spiral tendrils, which makes them perfect for today’s project: a watercolor pea alphabet!

Think of today’s exercise as a way to playfully explore mixing shades of green and using your brush in different ways. Perfection is NOT the goal, and your pea alphabet may not resemble mine. That’s fine! (No botanical accuracy is needed, so we are going with brush strokes and not reference photos. Resist the urge to be too realistic.)

If you are new to watercolor, fill a page or two with practice strokes and swirls before working on a word.

If you are not sure of your drawing skills and you are eager to get painting, you can transfer the desired letters from our pdf to your watercolor paper. Be sure to enlarge them on your copier — I recommend drawing them around 2 inches tall for easier painting. Then cut out your letters, fill in the back side of the copy paper with a healthy coat of pencil graphite, and trace over the outlines to transfer them.

Of course, you may not want to draw the letters at all. For wild and whimsical vines, look at the Pea Alphabet pdf for inspiration and just start laying down your paint in the general twirly shapes of the letterforms.


Click the links below to download illustrated printable pages:

Watercolor Warm Up

Pea Alphabet

PEA lettering demo

…And a few extra tips on video. The video password is oak.

Painting Thin Lines