Draw People


Drawing Children
8 Lessons – work at your own pace
$65    (enrollment limited)

Email studio@valwebb.com to sign up

It’s not too hard. I promise! This course is designed for EVERYONE. If you have always wanted to draw people — or if you would like to sharpen your skills — put your hesitation aside and join me.

In eight incremental lessons (each including video and 3-5 illustrated printable pdf pages) we will cover everything you need to accurately sketch children from infant to age 5.  I will also provide a library of licensed reference photos, and also advise you if you want to work from photos of your children or grandchildren.


LESSON SEQUENCE (new lessons post every other week on a password-protected website):

  • Lesson 1All About Eyes.  Techniques for drawing lifelike eyes; drawing reflected light; how the eyes change at different ages; drawing closed and half-closed eyes.
  • Lesson 2Mouth and Nose.  Baby mouth and button nose; changes at different ages; drawing front and side views of noses; shading the lips; drawing open mouth; drawing teeth.
  • Lesson 3Hair and Ears.  How to draw shiny, curly, long, short, boys’ hair, girls’ hair, different styles, drawing hair for children of various races; simple method for drawing ears.
  • Lesson 4Facial Expressions.  Putting all the features together to draw faces front view and in profile; how to create natural-looking expressions (laughing, frowning, surprised) in both babies and young children.
  • Lesson 5Hands.  Drawing realistic hands; how finger length changes at different ages; drawing expressive hands (closed fist, holding an object, pointing).
  • Lesson 6Body Size and Proportion.  Drawing the whole child, infant to age 5; how proportions change each year; drawing different body types (slim, average, heavy).
  • Lesson 7The Child in Action.  Drawing babies and children in motion; using foreshortening to make a moving child look natural; drawing clothing.
  • Lesson 8Capturing a Likeness.  Tips and techniques for drawing a “portrait style” head-and-shoulders image that looks like your subject.


All lessons will be housed on a private website, with a new lesson posting every other Tuesday beginning August 8. You may keep your video access for a full year, through August 2018, and instructor feedback is always available via email.


The supply list for the course is very brief:

  • 4B drawing pencil
  • HB drawing pencil
  • kneaded eraser
  • plenty of drawing paper (copy paper is fine for this – anything that provides room for lots of drawing practice)
  • a piece of Bristol vellum or good quality sketchbook paper for the final lesson