Project 1 demo

Red Helen butterfly in progress

We’re experiencing record cold (along with the rest of the nation) this week, but that’s okay.  Armed with plenty of hot tea, I’m hunkered down in the warm studio, preparing material for my upcoming online course.

Vintage Postcard Birds and Butterflies is different from anything I’ve offered before: we’ll recycle wonderful old postcards as canvases for tiny paintings. The course includes a “Basic Skills Bootcamp” session with video tutorials on drawing birds and butterflies, but participants can also choose to forgo sketching and simply transfer a reference image directly to their postcard before adding layered paint and colored pencil (transfer instructions are provided, too).

There is something slightly mysterious about old postcards. Their messages provide a tiny glimpse of someone’s daily life, lived many years ago. Old handwriting and old stamps create a lovely, slightly faded background for the rich colors of gouache and colored pencil.

I can’t wait to share these projects!

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Happy drawing,