There is magic in the slender black line made by your ink pen. That simple line can become the feathers of a woodpecker in flight, the soft flesh of a cactus, the foliage of a shade tree… and so much more. From the archives of my Journey Through the Natural Year, I’ve put together seven of my favorite watercolor projects (plus two bonus landscape sketching lessons!) from that course and they are now posted together on a private website as an Ink Drawing Lesson Collection.

Ink Drawing Lesson Collection
7 complete video tutorials + 2 bonus lessons
35 printable pdf pages


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Explore the magic of ink, step-by-step, while drawing birds and botanicals. Learn a range of drawing styles and techniques. Two bonus lessons on sketching landscapes. Topics include:

Drawing Succulents (and Lettering a Label)

Shaded Ballpoint Botanical (with Beetles!)

Simple Cottage Garden in Ink

Sketch Crows and Ravens

Use Crosshatch to Create a Pileated Woodpecker

Draw a Rooster with Iridescent Feathers

Use “Messy Ink” Style to Draw a Harpy Eagle

Learn to See and Draw the Textures in Nature

Sketch Trees, Foliage and Outdoor Scenes

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