My biggest lesson collection yet!
10 Lessons – 18 videos – 30 printables

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Selected from the archives of my Journey Through the Natural Year, these 10 lessons cover pencil, colored pencil, watercolor and ink techniques for 13 different complete projects. (One project is a special watercolor lettering technique you can combine with other projects.) Work at your own pace with permanent video access. Topics include:

  • Understanding animal proportion
  • Drawing and painting a variety of fur types and textures
  • Layering watercolor and colored pencil for rich, detailed colors and patterns
  • Seeing and sketching basic body forms
  • Mixing watercolor for natural-looking fur and feathers

Step-by-step projects are demonstrated in full-length video lessons. Here’s a list of our creatures:

  • Owls in moonlight (watercolor + ink)
  • Lynx/bobcat in colored pencil
  • Koi fish in wet-on-wet watercolor
  • Mourning cloak butterfly in watercolor + colored pencil
  • Red fox in colored pencil
  • Egyptian geese painted in ancient style
  • Field mice, moles and voles in pencil
  • Field mice and moles in watercolor
  • Chipmunk on tree in pen and ink
  • Watercolor Brush Lettering