4 different lesson collections

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped my new lesson collections become successful. Every signup, every share, every kind comment helps people find these projects and begin to grow their drawing and painting skills. You are wonderful, and I appreciate you!

If you missed the earlier announcements, here is a quick intro to all four collections. Simply click the collection title to see more pictures and a list of project topics. (All collections are lifetime video access.)

Springtime Watercolor Lesson Collection
6 complete video tutorials + Bonus lesson
28 printable pdf pages

Ink Drawing Lesson Collection
7 complete video tutorials + 2 bonus lessons
35 printable pdf pages

Colored Pencil Lesson Collection
8 complete video tutorials + Bonus lesson
36 printable pdf pages

Draw & Paint Wild Creatures
10 complete video tutorials + Bonus lesson
30 printable pdf pages