A fairy a day

…Or, at least, a fairy as often as possible! I’ll post them here, for you to enjoy, as they come to life on my drawing table. All artwork (c)2015 Val Webb, and may not be used without permission.












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27 thoughts on “A fairy a day”

  1. I love them! Did you use pen and watercolor? I’ve always loved that combination. What a great resolutions!

  2. Mary M Kerr said:

    What a great idea for a resolution ! Are there 365 species of butterflies? What about dragonflies??! I Love dragonflies!

  3. Gabrielle said:

    I stumbled upon your site, and I love the fairies… I will continue to watch everyday to see your creations, it will be a fabulous inspiration for me throughout the year. Looking forward to seeing the Jan 8th creation… it’s my birthday, eieeeek!

  4. Gabrielle said:

    Just a quick question: In regards to the paper are you using, is it a hot or cold press water color paper? The images when scanned in look wonderful.

    • This week, I have been using whatever paper I had on hand. The first fairy is actually painted on a page torn from a generic spiral-bound watercolor pad; the third and fourth are on 140-pound cold pressed Canson watercolor paper; and the second is on thin bond paper (you can see where it buckled a bit near the baby fairy’s shoulders. I am planning a trip to the art supply store this weekend for some nicer stock! Thank you for your kind words. I’m having a wonderful time drawing the daily fairies, and watching to see where they will lead.🙂

  5. These are very sweet! It looks like you’ll have a lot of fun and refreshment painting this series.

  6. Such beautiful paintings and drawings – I’m looking forward to following your project🙂

  7. I love the variations! What a great idea, they are whimsical and beautiful!

  8. Fabulous! I love your work!!!

  9. Sherilyn said:

    Val, I would so love to draw fairies with you! Do you have such a class? Also where are you in fair hope so I can drop off your color book??? I love drawing children with wings!

  10. Ana Gibson said:

    So happy I found your blog … I have to bless technology and the internet … they sometimes work as angels, because they bring me good “food” for the heart and soul (and eyes) … thank you directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  11. These drawings are delightful. Very inspiring. When I was a child, I was very much taken in by the world of the brownies. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Jakki Fox said:

    I love this web-site and your resolution..How wonderful. I have wrote a
    children’s book about a fairy. I am attempting to illustrate it myself.. Thank you so much for the tips..

  13. These are dear.

  14. Val – I love the shrimp boat that you did for Promobutler. Can we also get a vector file of it? We love your work so much!
    Jon Butler

  15. Hi ValWebb, how nice to meet with your amazing works… I loved them all, I love your fairies… You are doing great. Thank you, with my love, nia

  16. Hmmm. I am so inspired by this…I do a lot of fairies for face painting, but have never actually drawn a bunch on paper. I think I might do this as well, and see what fairies want to come and play on my paper…thanks for the beautiful art and the creative challenge.

  17. These are beautiful illustrations.

  18. these type of drawings are rarely found today..thanks for sharing the pictures…i loveeee these alll

  19. these reminding me the faerie tales theatre…little elfs and a world of imaginations where fairies and princes lived…i want to go back there

  20. superb

  21. lovely & whimsical

  22. These are adorable – you’re so talented!

  23. Fun

  24. What lovely fairy drawings and paintings. I’ve a few fairy gardens of my own so quite happy to come across your beautiful renderings.

  25. I Love these fairies and what a wonderful idea to draw 365 of them.
    Val, your lettering class has been wonderful. I am finishing up the birds class and can hardly wait to start on the fairies!!!
    Thank you for all the time you have put into your teaching. The classes have helped me get back into my much neglected art supplies.
    Thank you
    Lorrie Deann

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