Welcome to The Illustrated Garden.

I’m Val Webb, an artist/illustrator in Alabama. Here on the red bluffs above Mobile Bay, I grow herbs and vegetables in the land of kudzu and fire ants. Come on in. The coffee’s hot.

My artwork celebrates a thousand small joys: botanical images from the garden and beyond; the insects and birds who share our urban wilderness;  lazy koi sliding along beneath the lotus flowers in our backyard pond; the glimpse of a soaring pelican at the beach; a friendly cat on the front porch; a good cup of coffee. 

Because my work is very solitary, I like to connect with people by teaching classes and workshops. I teach online classes in drawing and botanical art. I travel to other cities to give workshops in those subjects, plus other topics and techniques. Email me for details.


Email:   studio@valwebb.com                     

29 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. Hi Val! Thank You for visiting our blog. I bought my daughter here after I looked through your sketchbook. She too loves to draw the gardens and plants. Let me tell you was she inspired! She absolutely loves your work! Like you, she draws with colored pencils and draws using a composition book. There are times I have to hunt her down, she is lost in the woods or out behind the coop or even sometimes up in a tree drawing away. Your work is so beautiful and very inspiring. Thank you again for visiting and hope we can keep in touch!


  2. Hi Val, I just found your blog while searching for botanical prints. I wish we lived closer because I would sign us up for your classes. I’m homeschooling my 2 daughters (6 and 8 yr. old) and they love to draw. We have a garden and I’m going to try to do some more nature journaling with them this year for science and art. I found a great book at the library called Keeping a Nature Journal by Claire Walker Leslie and I am going to bookmark your website. Thanks for the tips on drawing. You are a beautiful artist and I look forward to learning from your site!
    Happy Gardening

  3. sounds like a life from my dreams.

  4. Larry B. Simpson said:

    Val, Very good work! Didn’t even know you were in Mobile. You are a good example to show my students what an artist can do with there talent. I am a Professor of Art at the University of South Alabama. Also a nice web site design. Larry

  5. tmarcucci said:

    Hi Val,
    Your site is great. The look of the site is well thought out. My name is Thomas Marcucci and I share a love of gardening. Mine is more focused on evergreens and creating gardens for winter interest. It has prompted me to write a blog about it and educate people about the many different plants and trees classified as evergreens. I also want to teach people about gardening for winter interest and add a dash of poetry.
    Could you please put a link up a link on your site to my blog and I will do the same in return.
    Very Truly Yours,
    Thomas R. Marcucci
    Blog Title=EverWinter

  6. What a great and inspiring website! Truly beautiful and what a full life it represents. I’m very happy to be participating in Postcards from the Gulf–and happier still to see your work. Best wishes, Susan

  7. Beth Teague said:

    Thanks Val for teaching more workshops. Please let me know where the location will be. Looking forward to coming. Beth

  8. Donan Klooz said:

    I have a beautiful pitcher you made that we received as a wedding present. I should have seen from the nice brushwork (lilacs) that you were a graphic artist as well. Nice work on this site! I am glad to have you as a friend on Facebook as well. We seem to think a lot alike. I would like to add you to my mailing list (I have my capstone show at Spring Hill in Nov). and we will have a party here in Daphne as well.

  9. You are amazing. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, instead I’ve been blessed to appreciate great art. Yours is magical!

  10. Hello there! I just found your blog, and it is gorgeous. I especially love the coneflower illustration in your header; that’s one of my favorite flowers to admire, illustrate, paint… Your work is very inspiring and beautiful. Please, keep posting.

  11. Hello, Val. I just found your blog while doing an image search for ginger. Instantly fell in love with your artwork and information. I’m going to use a bit of your art on my blog, along with a link to you…hope that’s okay. Following you now and looking forward to more! Thank you!

  12. Jakki Fox said:

    I wish I live in Alabama…Would love to sit in several of your workshop..perhaps a road trip is in demand..thank you for your tips for my children’s book..

  13. Abby Kramer said:

    I LOVE your work you are incredible! It reminds me of a favorite former artist, Win Mg

  14. It sounds like you’re living the perfect life. And a lovely blog to accompany it.

  15. Val, what a beautiful site. I’ve so much enjoyed seeing your work today. Rena

  16. Val, your site is amazing! I absolutely love the drawings!

  17. I also love your art and sight it is so inspriring… I am from Canada and have been to ALABAMA and I love it there…. I wish I knew about you then, would also love to be in one of your classes especially with the fairies as I am a believer in angels and fairies….
    You made my day….
    THANKYOU Charlene Ross

  18. cherylann mcfetridge said:

    wish I lived closer, I would enjoy taking some of your live in person classes. I am hoping to do your on-line classes. I just have to get my hand healed enough to pick up the pencils and brushes

  19. I am so excited to have found your site. You are an amazing talented artist. I love to do hand lettering/painting/design. Besides this, I am a crazy Zentangle artist. I am going to post your site on all my FB and Flickr groups, so others can see your style and the courses you are offering.

  20. Marilyn Kiger said:

    Will you be offering a 2013 calendar? I would be very interesting in purchasing one.

    • Thanks for asking! The calendar has been on hiatus for a couple of months while I attended to an unexpectedly busy studio schedule, but it will return in late December and will be emailed each month free of charge for the asking. So, yes to the 2012 calendar. All you have to do is request one. 🙂

  21. Marilyn Kiger said:

    Thank you for the update & consider this my “request”~

  22. Maria chapman said:

    Hi Val,
    I would like to take the Dragonflies and Damselflies on June 29 and the tile course on July 20. Thanks!!! Love the fairies

  23. Hi Val,

    Ever work with authors to illustrate their books? I’d love to discuss an upcoming children’s gardening book series I have planned for 2014 and beyond. My garden blog is bloominthyme.com and my contact email is dianne@dsvenetta.com. Look forward to hearing from you!

  24. Hello Val
    You are very talented and inspiring.
    Bless you for sharing your Gift with us. I hope to take one of your classes soon.
    aka gg

  25. Do you still have the clay fish? I am interested in buying some.

    • Hi Brenda! Thanks for asking, but I have been out of the clay business for several years now. My illustration work took precedence, and there just wasn’t enough time to do both. However, my colleague Anne Webb at Webb Pottery in Magnolia Springs, AL still uses this technique and her fish designs are lovely. Her website is http://www.webbpottery.com.

  26. Hi Val, I’m a portrait and event photographer in Laguna Beach, California.

    Over the past 5 years I’ve also been teaching art to children (nice to use the skills from my BA in Fine Art) and now, I have a part time job at a private school, teaching art from K-8th grade. Visiting your blog is encouraging and inspiring. I hope to find time to take some your classes too!

    BTW, I discovered you via your Instagram account.

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