Draw Dogs and Cats

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Draw Dogs & Cats
8 Lessons – work at your own pace


No experience necessary — the only prerequisite for this course is a love of our four-legged family members. Working in pencil for some projects, black-and-white charcoal pencil for others, develop your drawing skills by learning to create glossy fur, expressive eyes, animals in action and at rest. Topics include drawing puppies and kittens at different stages of growth, four techniques for drawing white fur, drawing realistic dog noses, drawing dog and cat caricatures and more. Licensed reference images are provided for every lesson, or you may use images of your own dog or cat. Very minimal supply list.

Eight video lessons, each accompanied by illustrated printable pages:

  1. Pencil Language – How to unlock your drawing pencil’s full range of textures and values. How to draw lifelike eyes. Project: create a realistic sketch of a short-haired cat.
  2. Shiny Fur and Wet Noses – How to draw long, glossy fur. How to draw a perfect wet nose. Project: choose a reference image (or use your own) to draw a long-haired cat or dog.
  3. Kittens and Puppies – How to draw kittens and puppies, in different growth stages from newborn to young adult. How to draw facial proportions. Project: Pencil sketching exercise, kittens and puppies.
  4. Black and White Charcoal – Warm-up sketch with tips for using charcoal (kitty sketch). Step-by-step Boston Terrier puppy on toned paper. Project: Black/white dog or cat of your choice in charcoal.
  5. Brush and Ink – Warm-up sampler exercise, using grays and blacks. How to draw with a brush. Step-by-step border collie in brush and ink. Project: Black/white dog or cat of your choice, in brush and ink technique.
  6. Caricature and Charcoal Wash – How to dilute charcoal with water to make a lovely, grainy texture. How to draw cute, informal caricatures of dogs and cats. Project: Create a collection of dog and cat caricatures in charcoal wash.
  7. Drawing White Fur – Learn five different techniques for drawing realistic white fur. Draw a fluffy white kitten. Step-by-step white sheepdog drawing. Project: Use the lesson techniques to draw the white dog or cat of your choice.
  8. Animals in Action – Understand physical characteristics of moving animals. How to draw realistic paws from many angles. How to use perspective to position animals in your drawings. Finding the dynamic line. Creating preliminary form drawings. Project: Drawing cats and dogs in motion.

Some photos from Draw Dogs and Cats:

Completed beagle sketch

L8 Part 2 kitten