Free Printables!

Each week I’ll add new printable illustrated tutorial pages. Scroll down to see them all, then click to download and print. Happy Drawing!


Tuesday Tutorial

One stroke makes a feather, another makes a beak. A page of sample brushstrokes to practice + a page of licensed reference images + a watercolor heron! Click the links below to download three printables:

About Brushstrokes

Heron Reference

Heron Watercolor





Not sure about sketching the frog’s lumpy, bumpy shape? Here’s help for drawing frogs and toads with confidence, and a technique inspired by the construction trade! Click the links below to download two printable tip pages and licensed reference photos.

Tips for Drawing Frogs

Simple Ink Sketch

Frog Reference



bird shorthand pic

Here’s a decorative (and fun) style of drawing birds using just three values: light, medium and dark. Click the link below to download a printable tip page and a set of licensed reference photos for practicing your “bird shorthand.”

Drawing in Bird Shorthand





7 thoughts on “Free Printables!”

  1. Nancy Bond said:

    Well this is so nice…thank you so much!

  2. Teri Williams said:

    Thank yo7! I’m taking both your bird classes and the freebie above! Every little bit helps

  3. What a wonderful lagniappe. Thank you!

  4. Heather Basson said:

    Val, you are amazing, I took a double take when I saw the birds in my box!!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I have been “starting with you from you very first online class and have learnt SO much from you. I am still working on my year Lond nature journal , every Thursday I sit down and do my ” homework ” so I am still creating close to you. Bless you for your generosity and sharing your skills with us all . Keep creating. Much love Heather, Cape Town South Africa.

  5. Pilar Khder said:

    You are an accomplished artist, an outstanding teacher. Thank you.

  6. Pat Tessier said:

    Thank you so much Val, for being so generous and caring with your students. I enjoyed very much my class, drawing cats and dogs, with you a couple years back. I still practice my lessons when I get the time. Looking forward to taking more classes with you in the near future! I enjoy your artistic style very much!

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