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All new content, all year long… Get video lessons and printables in your inbox every Thursday. Botanicals, birds, wildlife, nature journaling, pencil, ink, watercolor — and the course is yours to keep forever.

Love hand lettering? One lesson each month includes a new, original hand-lettered alphabet project.

The course will follow the changing seasons. Draw and paint the lush beauty of summer, the gentle winding down of autumn, the hidden life of winter and the explosion of new life with the return of the spring. If you took my previous all-year course, Draw Paint Letter, this will follow a similar calendar, but with all new material.

Deepen your understanding of the natural world and sharpen your creative skills. Explore watercolor textures and masking, realism in pencil, expressive ink and much, much more in 52 weekly videos.

The supply list is very short — just 10 basic items plus the paper or sketchbook of your choice. See it here:   JOURNEY Supply List

The cost of the course is $30 per month, with new lesson cycles always starting on the 20th. PayPal invoices will be sent out monthly. Stop anytime or continue all 12 months.

Journey through the natural year with me! Click to sign up:
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