Online course: Draw & Paint Fairies

Draw and Paint Fairies in Nature
10 Lessons – work at your own pace
Start anytime – 



I love drawing fairies. They allow me to combine all my favorite art subjects (children, botanicals, birds, insects, small furry animals) in various whimsical combinations to create a gentle world where you can fish from the top of a Great Blue Heron or hitch a ride on a passing opossum.

Draw and Paint Fairies in Nature is the most ambitious course I’ve ever created, and in addition to 10 interactive lessons there will be 24 illustrated pdf pages that can be assembled to make a handbook of my fairy drawing techniques.

Learn about fairy proportion from infant to adolescent, how to show physical and facial expressions, how to draw assorted wings and attire, how to create a background, how to draw fairies in action (and in flight) or at rest. Draw and paint the fairies’ neighbors, birds and mice. Discover techniques for using color to create a rich natural atmosphere.

This course is open to students at all levels of art experience, and you can have as much instructor guidance and feedback as you like via email. Keep your illustrated printables forever, and your video access for a full year.

To sign up, email me at





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